Our cooking is inspired by the flavors, textures, and smells of our ingredients and by the memories of our travels.
The farm provides us an array of fresh herbs, salad leaves, vegetables, and fruits. What we don’t produce we get from local producers. We prefer to cook over wood fire, sometimes a pizza in the wood oven, sometimes a lamb chop over the barbecue or a selection of veggies directly on the coal.

You are welcome to join us during the cooking time!

Reservation 48 hours in advance required.

Picnic Basket

Set out in an adventure on a kayak trip in search of private beaches, on a walk along the trails of the River Bestança or venture up the largest suspended pedestrian bridge in the world (Ponte 516 Arouca), and go prepared with our Picnic Basket, with a light meal that flavors seasonal products, produced on the farm or from local producers.

Available on 48 hours request (for lunch time).

Minimum 2 people.

Laundry service by request under fee.