Cookies policy

Verde Água uses cookies and other similar tracking technologies so that they can differentiate one User from another when the webpage is used. These technologies help us to provide you with a great experience whenever you browse our webpage.

Cookies – what are they?

Cookies are small information files stored in the computer or mobile device through the Browser. These files allow the page to remember your actions or preferences during a period of time taking into account some characteristics such as the language used, the size of the character, the User’s name, among other things. Therefore when you browse through webpages that have been used several times, in theory, you shouldn’t have to indicate your preferences again as they should be remembered.

Cookies – what are they for?

Cookies identify the server’s browser program storing information in their device. This technology has several aims, for example, it helps establish the utility, interest and number of uses, allows a faster and more efficient browsing and suppresses the need to enter the same information over and over again.

Cookies – what type of cookies are there?

There are several types of cookies and considering their lifetime, they can be the following:

  • Permanent cookies: these can be defined as cookies which remain stored in our device even after switching off the Browser, and which are always used when visiting the webpage. They are generally used to direct the browsing to the user’s interests allowing a personalised service.
  • Section cookies: these are temporary cookies that remain in the Browser’s file until you leave the application or webpage visited. The information obtained through this kind of cookies is used to analyse traffic patterns in the web, identify surfing problems and even improve the experience during the User’s browsing.

That said, depending on where they belong, cookies can be:

  • Specific cookies: these are cookies sent to the User’s device through equipment managed by Verde Água and from which any service required by the user is provided.
  • Third-party cookies: these are cookies sent to the User’s device through equipment not controlled by Verde Água, but by another entity which in in charge of processing these data collected by this type of cookies.

Cookies – how are they used?

The User will be able to alter or change the definitions of their computer or mobile device to activate or deactivate the acceptance of fore-mentioned cookies.

All Browsers allow the User, who uses them, to accept, reject or delete said cookies, and this may be done through the definitions in their corresponding browser. The User can configure their Browser in this way to report at all times that the cookies are received, or to deactivate their acceptance but Verde Água warns that if their acceptance is deactivated this would partially affect the operation of some of the webpage’s options thus not achieving a fast and personalised surfing.

That said, if the privacy settings of your Browser was defined as “High” you would not be able to log into some of the functions and may even have problems logging in our webpage or application in its entirety. In order to solve this issue, you should add our Internet address, to the list of websites permitted which you may find in the Privacy Settings of your Browser. In case you try to log into our webpage on a business computer and do not achieve it, the problem will be in the corporate security settings of the equipment used, therefore, we recommend you get in touch with the system administrator.