Organic agriculture

An organic working farm

We produce most of what we eat on the farm and sell the surplus to consumers that care about healthy, organic food. The organic vegetable gardens are in production throughout the year.

Our most expected crops are the green asparagus, in March and the strawberries, between April and October. We also have a great variety of seasonal fruits such as apples, peaches, pears, figs, plums, cherries, oranges and raspberries.

From the vineyard we pick white grapes to transform in our natural wine and red grapes in pasteurised juice and wine.

Dona Maricotas, is our wine brand, named after Joana’s Great Grandmother, as a tribute to the first woman of the family running the farm in the early 30’s. Dona Maricotas is also a tribute to ancestral practices that we’ve adopted (grape maceration, natural fermentation in wood barrels) to produce a wine with low intervention and great character.

We have free-range chickens for eggs, sheep and goats for milk and meat and, as well as Zico, the horse, for manure. We produce our own compost using a combination of this manure, bushes from our forest and the grape must, to nourish the soil.
Our olives are hand-picked and pressed in a matter of hours in a nearby traditional oil mill. We use our extra virgin olive oil for cooking and for our wool coated soaps.

Every season we become more self sufficient, self reliant and sustainable! It’s extremely rewarding to be able to inspire locals and guests to live more sustainably, caring for nature as she provides and nurtures us.

Explore the farm

  1. Parking
  2. House
  3. Cellar
  4. Meal room
  5. Firepit / Outdoor cinema
  6. Dry toilet
  7. Hammocks by the stream
  8. Yurt
  9. Natural pond
  10. Bathing tank
  11. Organic garden
  12. Sunset garden
  13. Stable
  14. Chicken coop
  15. Sheep house
  16. Panoramic stone
  17. Forest lounge
  18. Douro river
  19. Branquinha viewpoint