Privacy policy

Owner: Verde Água – Agrotourism and Organic Agriculture (from now on “Verde Água”) (Joana Gouveia)
ID Number: 217665560
Their headquarters is in Rua de Vila Verde, 319, 4690-680 Souselo-Viseu- Portugal.

Information and Consent

By means of this Privacy Policy the User is informed of the way in which Verde Água obtains, deals with and protects the personal data sent via their webpage,, as well as data shared through surfing it, and the data obtained through the Accommodation Agreement or other enabled procedures.
The User must read through said Privacy Policy carefully, as it will be redirected in the same concise and simple way so as to provide their personal data freely and voluntarily to Verde Água or any third party involved.

Obligation to supply personal data

The parts which are stipulated as compulsory in our forms must be completed to carry out their requests; otherwise it will be impossible to fulfil such requirements.

Purpose of obtaining the user’s personal data and how long they will be kept by Verde Água

In accordance with the User’s requests, the obtained personal data will be dealt with by Verde Água for the following purpose:
Handling bookings already-made, including handling the payment if necessary, and the arrangement of their requests and preferences if there were any;

  • Handling Newsletter subscriptions and later sending them;
    Handling contact requests with Verde Água via the available media;
  • Sending custom-made commercial communications of Verde Água, via electronic or conventional means providing that we have explicit consent for said mailing;
  • Deal with several matters regarding hired accommodation services such as additional services provided during their stay;
  • Deal with issues related to the quality of the services provided by Verde Água, also associated with the image of the company.

User data will be kept for the duration of the relationship that the User maintains with Verde Água or until the User asks for it to be removed revoking their prior consent to Verde Agua.

Which user data will be user or dealt with Verde Água?

Verde Água will be able to handle and deal with the following data categories, according to the application made by the User:
Identification Data: Name and Surname;

  • Contact Details: Address, zip code, telephone and e-mail address;
  • Data related to personal characteristics: Birth date, gender, nationality;
  • Geographical location data;
  • Data regarding the credit card details, which are required for the payment of booking or the guarantee of it, as well as to make the payment for their stay or the services provided during the same.

If the register or access is made through an account belonging to a third party, Verde Água will be able to gather and gain access to certain information of the User’s or third party’s profile from the corresponding social network, only for administrative purposes or the aforementioned objectives.

Legal basis of processing your data

Data will be processed for the fulfilment of the goals referred to previously and will need the User’s express consent. We need to bear in mind that if the User revokes their consent related to any of the processes this will not affect the legality of previous processes.

In order to revoke their consent the User will need to contact Verde Água by the following means: sending a letter to Verde Água – Agrotourism and Organic Agriculture, Rua de Vila Verde, 319, 4690-680 Souselo, Viseu, Portugal, or via e-mail which is:, in both cases with “Data Protection” on the subject. However, in cases where it is necessary to deal with the User’s data for the fulfilment of a legal or contractual obligation between Verde Água and the User the process is legitimised as needed for the fulfilment of the aims previously stated.

With whom is the user’s data shared?

The User’s data may be shared with:
Verde Água’s suppliers and hotel operators needed for the correct fulfilling of the legal obligations as well as the aims previously stated;

  • Partners or contributors of Verde Água for the fulfilment of the previously stated objectives and whether they have authorization to send commercial communications;
  • Public organisations in cases provided by Law.
  • Recipients indicated in this section may be located within or out of the European Economic Area (EEA) being the latter duly legitimised.

User’s responsibilities

The User shall:

  • Guarantee that he/she is an individual of legal age or legally emancipated, qualified fully competent and that the data provided to Verde Água is true, complete and updated. For this reason, the User guarantees veracity to all the provided data and undertakes to have them updated according to the current situation;
  • Guarantee that in cases where they provide data on third parties, these will be informed of the content of such a document and will also guarantee Verde Água that they have authorization to use such data;
  • Be accountable for all wrongful or false information provided through the Webpage, responding to any liquidated damages caused either directly or indirectly by such information to Verde Água or third parties.

Commercial and promotional communication

One of the main objectives of the User’s data processing by Verde Água is to send commercial communication, either by electronic or conventional means with related information on the products, services, advertisings, special offers, events or relevant news for the User. Whenever any communication of this type is made it will be sent only to those Users who have expressed their consent.

In order to carry out these deliveries, Verde Água will be able to analyse data obtained for the creation of the User’s profile which will enable them to define the products or services that may interest them in detail.

In the event that the User wants to stop receiving these commercial or promotional communications from Verde Água, they will be able to ask for its cancellation by sending an email to the following address: or cancel such receipt through the cancellation option found in all commercial communications sent.

User’s rights

The User may send a letter to Verde Água – Agrotourism and Organic Agriculture, Rua de Vila Verde, 319, 4690-680 Souselo, Viseu, Portugal or an e-mail to, in both cases with the subject “Data Protection” whenever they want and at no charge, to exercise their rights;

  • Revoking consent granted;
  • Obtaining information on Verde Água whether or not they are processing the User’s Data and which categories are being processed;
  • Access to their own personal data;
  • Correction of incorrect data;
  • Request removal of their data when, among other reasons, data is no longer needed for the objectives already provided or requested;
  • Obtaining from Verde Água a limitation of data processing when the verification of any of the conditions foreseen in the Data Protection Regulation;
  • Request portability of their data.

That said, once all this is presented, the User may file a claim at any time for the protection of their personal data before the competent regulatory entity.

Security measures

Verde Água will use the User’s data confidentially in accordance with the Protection Data Regulation and National Law executing the same, adopting, for this purpose appropriate measures of a technical nature needed to guarantee security for their data and that way prevent any loss, alteration, process or non-authorised access considering the state of the technology and nature of the data stored as well as exposed risks.

Date updated: December 22nd, 2020

This document is exposed to constant verification and update therefore we advise that it should be consulted regularly.